Why Choose Shandesh.com.np ?
Shandesh.com.np is committed to building long-term relationships with its clients and recognizes that this can only be achieved through complete client satisfaction. In fact, our mission is always to deliver more that what our clients expects in terms of service, quality and deadlines. And it’s our success story that we have never looked back beyond this goal. Shandesh.com.np ‘s outlook as a virtual extension of (client) will help in a better understanding of all philosophies, objectives, goals and targets.

Versatility & Expertise :
Our team holds the capabilities and expertise in successfully handling request of prestigious clients and delivering the best. In the past, we have delivered services as per the expectation of different market segments such as government, agriculture, aviation, biotechnology, construction, chemical manufacturing, coffee production, engineering, electrical, electronic, medical, paper production, pharmaceutical, rubber, real estate, software companies, tea estate etc.

Global Quality of the Products :
We have developed products that have always resulted in fulfillment of Investment & Return aspects of our clients. Services we deliver have been appreciated by clients as always for maintenance of high quality standards as per the latest industry perspectives and software development approaches. Shandesh.com.np “Load-Balanced Hosting” solution eliminates all single points of failure. By load balancing our servers, your Web site will have multiple paths to its destination. This is the same technique used with large corporate hosting for mission-Critical websites and web applications.

Time-tested Fulfillment of Deadlines :
Though we use agile development approach, our team is always equipped with various project management techniques that help deliver output in the given timeframe after complete testing and debugging. As such target fulfillment as per client’s deadline is another robust strength of Shandesh.com.np .

Experience-Rich Crew :
Shandesh.com.np has in its own highly talented and experienced crew in the field of system design and implementation. Actually Shandesh.com.np is a platform for showing outstanding creativity to Nepalese graduates and we have always offered them congenial work environment where they can become more productive.