Google Adsense in Nepal
Are you looking for high earning online job that you can do from home? Well, then you must take Google Adsense in Nepal.
Google Adsense guarantees high earning as you will be paid in dollars by Google itself which makes it the best online job.

How can you make money from Google Adsense?
Google Adsense is an online marketing program. The idea behind adsense is that you will provide space in your website for Google to display the ads. For allowing an space, you will receive certain money. The payment depends on number of ad image, clicks and others. The ad is selected by a Google in a way that it matches with the content that exists in your webpage. Google receive money from ad providers on the basis of ads clicked by the clients which is known as Pay Per Click (PPC). Then, certain sum is shared to the website owner.

Google Adsense Process for Nepal
Once you request for Google Adsense Account for your website, Google will review your website based on website layout, number of contents, number of daily visitors, back links, SEO measures and others. After the approval of Google’s AdSense Account, Google will provide you with the simple HTML code and the ad will be displayed on your website after you copy- paste that code into your webpage. When the ad that is displayed on your website is clicked, Google gets payment from the advertiser and certain portion of money is given to you by Google.

Google Adsense Pin Verification in Nepal
You can request google to send PIN number in a post office box when the money reaches USD10 in your adsense account. Usually, you receive the PIN number within three months. If in case of loss of your pin number or if in case you do not get your pin number, you can request Google to re-issue the pin for maximum of three times. If you fail to receive pin number even in this period, you will then need to send Government issued ID to Google.

How much is the earning?
Earning from Adsense relies on several factors like cost per click, website traffic, ad placement on your website, the number of posts and the duration of website creation. In general, you can easily earn minimum USD 300 if you regularly post 5 articles per day.

How can you get payment from Adsense?
When your income reaches USD10, you will be provided with the PIN for receiving your money. Based on that PIN number, you can withdraw your money either from Western Union Money Transfer or you can have it transferred to your bank account.
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