1. Get Free Internet using NTC Network:

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Web Tunnel App

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2. Get Free Internet using NCELL/ Globe Network:

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HTTP Injector App

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Steps: Follow my video carefully!!

1. go to the google chrome

2. open it. and type in there “www.tcpvpn.com”

3. scroll the page. find the asia server

4. go to create new accoutn.

5. put your own username and password and note it.

6. the green box with your details will appear and note all information found in green boox.

7. then go to the google playstore and search “http injector”

8. install it.

9. tap the menu . and select the paylod generator.

10 type in there.. below URL/Host; globe.mymusic.ph scroll page and tick on; online host annd Forwarrd host

11. click on generate.paylod

12. fill the remote proxy ; “globe.mymusic.ph:80”

13 . click on start. which is on top

14. now fill the form. all details that you have save before , a green box details.

15. make sure you must put port: 22

16 after completion of form filling, click on start and run.

17. turn off your wifi and again start it.

18. it will work, if not work. try 3-4 times. its really work.

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